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One Week Until Departure

Itinerary for Munich-Poland-Paris July 21 to Aug 2

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Thursday, 21 July
Continental Airlines CO 3342 Raleigh 12:29pm --> Newark 2:18pm
Continental Airlines CO 0106 Newark 5:35pm --> Munich 7:40am (8 hour flight - time change)

Friday, 22 July
Lufthansa LH 1648 Munich 7:25pm --> Gdansk 8:50pm
Radisson BLU Hotel (ul. Dlugi Targ 19/Powroznicza) (7 nights)

Friday, 29 July
Travel to Warsaw
Polonia Palace Hotel (Al. Jerozolimskie 45) (2 nights)

Sunday, 31 July
Travel to Krakow
Hotel Eupoejski (ul. Lubicz 5) (2 nights)

Tuesday 2 August
LOT Polish Airlines LO 0343 Krakow 7:55am --> Paris 10:10am
Continental Airlines CO 0133 Paris 5:00pm --> Wash DC 8:05pm (9 hour flight - time change)

Continental Airlines CO 6061 Wash DC 10:15pm --> Raleigh 11:18pm

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Two Days Until Liftoff

How to cope with the change in temperature

sunny 95 °F

I'm trying to figure out last minute details for our rendezvous with friends in Munich on a 12-hour layover. Found out the weather is going to be somewhere from 65 to 72 for our whole trip with possible showers throughout. We've decided to exchange for some euros in Munich, but the airport doesn't seem to have an ATM that is PLUS compatible. We'll get our city train pass with a credit card, then find an ATM in Marienplatz for cash. Hope to see the Olympic Tower with a view of the alps (if the weather permits), tour inner city Munich with a friend, stop at a few biergardens, and call it an afternoon.

So, now, what should we pack? Going from 95+ to 65 is going to be quite a change.

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The Night before Chrisleaves

Midnight and finally packed.

sunny 90 °F

Initinerary set, Mimi snug downstairs awaiting tomorrow's transfer of grandchildren, Chris in bed wondering why I can't go to bed, and my nerves finally settling. I'm excited about an adventure with minimal itinerary, but scared nonetheless. What a chance for Watson, Henry, and Jessup to really get to know their grandparents (all 4 of them). Watch for pictures of tomorrow's escapades.
Packed for Poland

Packed for Poland

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Travel plans awry (update)

Late plane already.

Getting to airport early was a great idea. Our plane to Newark is very late but there is an earlier one that is only a little late. The ticket counter attendant changed our first fight. We are now taking CO #4744 to Newark that leaves at 11:25.

We had a nice layover in Newark thanks to mom.layover in newark

layover in newark

Our 8 hour flight was a mixture of sleepless anxiety, nervous restlessness, and the tiniest dinner and breakfast you've ever seen. Breakfast was one croissant and 3 1-inch pieces of cantaloupe. We did, though, make it to Munich airport before 8am and safely began our first day's journey.

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Germany for a Day


rain 66 °F
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After storing our backpacks with Chris' poster at the airport, we headed to the train station (S-bahn) for a trip to Munich's city center

. It was a beautiful treck through corn fields and rural districts. When arriving at Marienplatz, we met Mike Prince (another former Herr Arnold student from Clemson) at Mariensaeule, statue of Mary with babe. It was raining a bit off and on, but the temperature wasn't too cool. We got our cash in Euro for the day and walked through Virktuelen Market and found a salami and mustard sandwich with cola and soda water to help us wait for lunch later that day. The market reminded me of the farmer's market, yet with meats and cheeses too. We toured two churches, St. Peter IMAG0159.jpgand St. Mary and headed quickly back to the Mary statue in front of the Rathaus at 11 pm, so we could hear the Glockenspiel

and witness the beautiful dancers, fencers, and jesters twirl around the tower at the clock struck. The models were the same as I had seen 17 years ago. The rain continued to waiver to and fro, but we were able to stay out of it mostly between churches. Our stroll past the Residenz (royal houses)IMAG0161.jpg led us to the Englisher Garden 016-2.jpgwhere we witnessed the awe. Surfers in Munich city. The Canal was channeled through the garden, and damned to a great wave creation that blew our minds.

Surfers on either side of the damn took turns fighting the current in a terrific still surf. After seeing the unexpected, what I'm sure was not expecting on Mike's historical overview of Munich, we continued around the southern end of the English garden, jumped on a tram to Isartor. This is one of the two remaining city gates. It was here we connected with Katrin, 018-5.jpga local German who graduated from Clemson, also friend to Herr Arnold, my German professor from Clemson who took us as a class to Germany in 1994. We ate at the everpopular Hoffbrauhaus. We had large local beer 018-3.jpg, dark and light, spatzle, knodel, brat, kraut, and pretzel (which were served by a pretzel girl in traditional dress). The waitor was less than desirable but made for a good story. He was old, rude, and seemingly in a hurry to be finished with the tourist crowd and serve the locals. After the food I'd craved for a long time, we stopped by a Starbucks for the wifi to try to get a note out to the US that we were safe. We walked back to the U-Bahn, said goodbye to our guides, and ventured alone to the olympic tower 020.jpg and BMW museum 025-0.jpg. The olympic tower was a quick elevator ride, a beautiful sight to Salzburg and the opposite valleys. The BMW museum was a display of art cars by Warhol and the like. 028.jpgWe walked a ways to the train station to miss several trains on the wrong tracks but eventually make it to the aiport with no time to spare for boarding. We were taken by bus to a small plane in the middle of the runway and flown to Gdansk. My german appetite was satisfied, and we were ready for more in Poland.

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